Roof cost estimates Vs. the reality

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The cost of the roof construction

The offer for the construction of the roof usually also includes the item budget of the construction. To what extent can it be relied on? 

In the offer phase, the project is  made as universal as possible and only concerns standard conditions. It must be also interesting from a marketing point of view – lower price often wins the customer, home owner.

Any deviation from the set standard will result in an increase in the final, real price. It should also be borne in mind that itemized budgets do not have to be made on the basis of the most up-to-date prices and market conditions. As in every area of ​​life, in construction, the prices of works as well built-in materials and products are growing from year to year. The region in which the building is located, or in which the roofing company operates also has a great influence on the prices of works. 

However, there are no general rules here.  The golden rule is not to trust everything the contractor presents to you right away. Too low prices may be associated also with incompetence of the construction company. Check the references and expertise of the supplier you want to entrust with the construction of a family home. 

Roof cost estimate for asphalt shingles

In terms of heating and the energy balance of the house, there is a big difference whether the house will be built in the lowlands in the south of the state or in the foothills in the north. The influence of the climate also has a direct impact on the roof and its construction. Depending on the climate zones parameters can be changed of the individual elements of rafters, of the insulation, anchoring of the roofing, but also snow-protection. 

Each project should therefore be assessed by an experienced designer and adapted to the specific requirements of a particular region. Such expert intervention can save you thousands, but modifying the project and adapting it to worse climatic conditions can mean higher input costs, but laso a comfortable living in the house that you know was built to withstand adverse climate conditions in the long term.                    

The final price of the roof will be affected by several things

1. Composition of the roof cladding and quality of work

Many construction companies have the latest knowledge in the field of roofing and will offer you truly modern solutions that will last for several decades. If you are lucky and find such a company of enthusiasts when choosing the contractor for your roof, listen to them carefully and accept the technical solutions proposed by them. They will definitely offer you the best available materials and workflows. 

The roof built by this company will certainly not be cheap, but you will be sure that it will be perfect and its parameters will survive in the future as well. It is a common mistake when investors often choose cheap products from unknown manufacturers when choosing thermal insulation materials, roofing foils, as well as various additional assortments (adhesive tapes, sealants, fasteners, etc.). 

It is true that a roof with such products will serve fine for several years, but no one knows today how materials on such a sensitive structure as the roof is will behave after ten or more years. Invest in the quality of materials, but also in the design, so that your roof serves without problems and its parameters are able to compete with the others for at least a quarter of a century with a lifespan of 50 years or more.         

How to estimate the cost of a new roof?

2. Roofing

Roofing manufacturers – regardless of the type of roofing – always offer several products differing in shape and color processing. However, the material composition and surface finish of the roofing have a decisive influence on the lifespan of the roofing and its useful properties. 

Therefore, find out from the manufacturers about the complete range of their products, and if possible, invest in roofing with better parameters. Modern finishes improve the wear resistance of the roofing, delay fading, are glossy and smooth, delay moss build-up and reflect UV radiation, thus protecting the attic from overheating.      

3. Quality of skylights

The quality and technical parameters of roof windows are also extremely important for the functionality of the roof. However, a layman does not have to know that window manufacturers also offer several versions of their products, which differ in shape, material, method of operation, but mainly in thermal insulation parameters. 

In this segment, too, you have to pay extra for quality. However, you can rely on the fact that money invested in windows with better parameters will be rewarded not only by better thermal insulation properties, but also by better noise attenuation, UV reduction, self-cleaning ability or increased security against hail or physical intrusion of unauthorized persons. You also have to pay extra for remote window controls or various intelligent solutions, such as unexpected rain detection, etc…  


If, at the beginning of this article, we asked ourselves the extent to which the item budget of a roof construction can be based. We explained that the final price of a roof construction is influenced by several factors, and if you deviate from the “standard” quality of construction, it will be necessary to pay extra money. 

Additional expenditures will pay back in the form of better performance of the roof, which will be able to longer withstand the weather and comply the building regulations that are from year to year more difficult.        

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