Negotiating the Sale Price of a House with Asbestos

It’s important to check your home for asbestos

Asbestos, the infamous insulating material of yesteryears, can be a thorny issue when its comes to selling your dear home. This once popular material is now known for its hazardous qualities and the health risk it poses. So, friends, if you’re planning on selling your dear property and it’s got some asbestos in it, strap … Read more

Safe Asbestos Removal

asbestos abatement company

Weve learned couple of things about asbestos in one of our recent articles, dears. Asbestos containing materials were once viewed as a magic bullet in building industry, mainly because of their insulation and fire-resistant qualities. However, if these asbestos materials deteriorate, or if they’re disturbed during renovations, their invisible fibers can be released into the … Read more

Asbestos Roofing Shingles: The Hidden Danger from the Past

damaged asbestos tiles

Asbestos – the word alone can strike fear in the hearts of many. In the field of construction asbestos has been a popular choice for many years, particularly in the 20th century. It was commonly used for roofing due to its durability and fire-resistant charactersitics. However, as we have gained more knowledge about it, we … Read more

Accurate Roof Waste Calculation

roofing waste

Welcome everyone and let me tell you a story. One young man (just slightly over 50), let’s call him John, decided to replace his old, leaky roof. He bought a ton of rooifng materials, thinking it’s better to have more than less. Well, he resulted with a mountain of leftover shingles, nails, underlayment and stuff. … Read more

The Dutch Gable Roof: A Classic Blend of Function and Aesthetic

dutch gable roof

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the wonderful world of roofs! After all, who doesn’t love having reliable roof over their head? Today, however, we won’t be talking about just any roof; we’ll be exploring the stylish and practcial contemporary Dutch gable roof. Imagine yourself in a cozy room nestled beneath a Dutch gabl roof, as … Read more

Aliphatic Urethane vs. Acrylic Polyurethane: Another Roof Coating Showdown

aliphatic vs acrylic urethane coatings

Dears, let me paint a scenario for you: You’re relaxing with a glass of iced tea on a leisurely Sunday when you suddenly recall that your roof needs attention. You realiez that you must coat your roof! And that’s where we come in, my friends, ready to provide assistance. Our focus is on navigating the … Read more

How long can roofing felt stay exposed? Can it get wet?

roofing felt exposed

Remember when you were young and waited for your significant other in the rain, umbrella in hand, as droplets pitter-pattered on rooftop? Now think about your roof, the poor thing, standing guard against elements without an umbrella! How does it do it, you might ask . The secret lies in the roofing underlayment, more commonly … Read more

Your Comprehensive Guide to Clout Nails for Roofing Felt

clout nails for roofing felt

Hey there, dears! So you’re pondering the merits of clout nails for roofing felt, right? Well, you’ve found your way to a friendly little corner of the itnernet where we’re all about simplifying complicated things . Why are we talking about clout nails, you ask ? Well, they might be little, but these babies can … Read more

Roofing Nails 101: Types, Sizes, and When to Use Them

roofing nails

Listen up, dears, let’s talk about roofing nails. You see, these little guys can cause quite the ruckus when it comes to getting your roof done just right. The wrong size or type and BAM! Your roof might as well be a house of cards. It’s a tough gig, choosing the right nail. Not to … Read more

Drip edge and gutter apron. Are they the same?

drip edge vs gutter apron

Can you see those tiny pieces of metal hanging off the edge of the roof ? Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the unsung heroes of home upkeep – the drip edge and the gutter apron. They might seem like little details. But that play big role in protetcing your home from water … Read more

How to clean bird poop off roof shingles?

how to clean bird poo from roof shingles

Welcome, everyone! Ever noticed those white splashes peppering your asphalt shingles? Yeah, you got it, bird droppings! Now, I know what you’re thinking . It’s just bird poop, right? Well, not quite. Bird droppings, apart from being unsightly, can cause serious damage to your dear roof. Over time, the acid in bird poop can eat … Read more

Metal Roofing Edge Trim: Protection, Style, and More

metal roof edge trims

Ever had leaky roof? It’s no fun , right? Well, what if I told you that small, regularly overlooked part of your belvoed roofing system could help prevent water  damage and boost curb appeal. And also even save you money in the long run. Yep, I’m talking about metal roofing edge trims! So, are you ready to … Read more