What is a Composition Roof?

composition roofing

In a composition roof, shingles are composed of a variety of materials. Typically, asphalt, fiberglass, and granules (predominantly manufactured using natural stone) are used. This type of roofing provides better protection than standard asphalt shingles, as it is more durable and can withstand harsher weather conditions. Composite roofs are also available in a range of … Read more

Insulated corrugated composite panels

corrugated insulated metal roofing panels

What are insulated corrugated composite panels? A composite panel is a simple sandwich of 2 metal profiles at either side of foam insulation. These panels are an ideal single fix solution to insulate and clad a building. They are produced in various thickness to suit all insulation requirements, with color coated steel outer sheets and … Read more

Composition (or composite) roofing. Benefits and comparison with other roofing materials.

Composite roofing

A popular choice for commercial and residential roofing, composition shingles, is designed with a fiberglass reinforcing mat that’s coated with asphalt and then embedded with ceramic granules. Composition roofing is one of the most affordable roofing options available, and each shingle is easy to replace, making repair and maintenance a breeze. Compare that to the … Read more