The Battle of the Roofs: White vs Black Shingles Showdown

white roofing

Black roof shingles have been a popular choice for many years because they offer a classic, timeless aesthetic that complements many diverse architectural styles. Additionally, dark roofing shingles are widely available at most home improvement stores and roofinging supliers, making them an accessible choice for many homeowners and contractors. Drawbacks of Black Roof Shingles While … Read more

Making a Statement: How the Right Color Can Enhance Your Flat Roof Home on the Beach

best color for flat roof homes on the beach

The right color for your flat-roof home on the shore can make all the difference between a lackluster look and one that stands out and makes a statement. Depending on the region, some colors may be more suited than others to a flat-roof home on the seaside. Of course, your style should also be taken … Read more