The Art of Making a Mono Pitch Roof Weathertight

flashing a mono pitch roof

A single slope roof, also known as a shed roof or single pitch roof, is a roof that slopes in one direction. It´s a popular roofing option due to its simple and modern design, which can add a sleek and contemporary look to any building. Mono-sloped roofs are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings, … Read more

Making a Statement: How the Right Color Can Enhance Your Flat Roof Home on the Beach

best color for flat roof homes on the beach

The right color for your flat-roof home on the shore can make all the difference between a lackluster look and one that stands out and makes a statement. Depending on the region, some colors may be more suited than others to a flat-roof home on the seaside. Of course, your style should also be taken … Read more

Ice Shields: Harnessing the Power of Ice & Water

ice shields

Ice shields are a waterproof membrane that is installed beneath the shingles on your roof. This membrane helps to prevent water seepage due to ice and snow build-up, while also providing additional insulation. Applying an ice shield can be done as a DIY project or with the help of a professional roofer. Ice shields protect … Read more

How to Inspect and Replace Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing installation

Chimney flashing is an essential component of your home´s roofing system, and its improper installation, maintenance, or replacement can result in serious water damage. Learn how to inspect and replace chimney flashing so that your home stays safe from the elements. Understand the Flashing System Before inspecting and replacing your chimney flashing, it´s cardinal to … Read more