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I created this website back in 2005. I planned to buy a house and this web should have been something like my place to document all my home remodelling/improvement attempts.

I didn´t buy the house but I kept the website to document at least all my ideas if I decide to buy a house again.

The content rose to some 300 articles with home improvement (and mostly roofing) topics and about 20-30 self coded roofing calculators. With 3 kids and too much work to do I abandoned this website around 2012, and didn´t post anything 3-4 years.

In 2016 I forgot to pay the domain registration fee, and despite I reregistered instantly I lost all my content.

Fast forward to 2020 (meanwhile I bought and rebuilt the house finally 🙂 I decided to dust off Roofingchildsplay once again and began to log again all interesting home & garden related ideas that come to my way.