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Hey, my name is Viliam. I am a passionate home improvement enthusiast, with a particular interest in the field of roofing. In 2005, I launched a website with the intention of chronicling all of my attempts at home remodeling and improvement, as I was planning to purchase a house at the time. I envisioned the website as a place where I could document my experiences, both the successes and the failures, and share them with others who were also interested in home improvement.

Even though I didn’t buy a house at that time, I decided to keep running the site as a repository for home improvement ideas. Over the years, the website grew to include more than 300 articles on various home improvement topics, with a strong focus on roofing. I also developed numerous self-coded roofing calculators, which proved to be incredibly helpful tools for anyone looking to undertake a roofing project.

However, as time passed and I became busier with work and family obligations, I found that I was no longer able to devote as much time and attention to the website. In 2012, I was forced to abandon the website and did not post any new content for several years.

Unfortunately, in 2016, I encountered a setback when I forgot to pay the domain registration fee for the website. Despite my efforts to re-register the domain quickly, I lost all of my content, which was a huge blow to my passion for home improvement.

However, I didn’t let this setback stop me for long. In 2020, after finally buying and rebuilding my own home, I decided to breathe new life into Roofingchildsplay once again. I am now actively logging all the interesting home and garden related ideas that come my way, and I’m excited to share my experiences with other home improvement enthusiasts.

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