Hi there, my name is Viliam, and throughout my adult life, I´ve been deeply involved in the construction and home improvement world, with a particular passion for roofing. In 2005, I initiated this website primarily to document my personal home remodeling and improvement adventures. The intention was to create a platform where I could share my successes and challenges with ohter non-professional construction and home improvement enthusiasts.

In spite of the numerous obstacles and personal issues I faced over the years, I persevered in maintaining the website as a personal source of inspiration for home improvement. Gradually, the site grew to include over 300 articles on different home improvement topics, with a special focus on roofing. I also developed several self-coded roofing calculators, which turned out to be extremely useful tools for anyone embarking on a roofing project.

As time passed, my work and family commitments took up more and more of my time, leaving me with fewer opportunities to devote to the website. In 2012, I had to step away from the website, and it went dormant withuot any new content for a number of years.

Unfortunately, in 2016, I encountered a setback when I neglected to renew the domain registration for the site. Despite my efforts to reclaim the domain, I lost all of my content, dealing a major blow to my hoem improvement enthusiasm. I must admit that I wasn´t diligent in archiving my articles, assuming the hosting company would handle it automatically.

However, I refused to let this hurdle hold me back. I managed to collect as much of the original contnet as possible and breathed new life into Roofingchildsplay. I am now actively documenting any intriguing home and garden ideas I come across, and I´m eager to share my experiences with you – humble, fellow readers.