Home Food Gardening Exploding During Pandemic

Home Food Gardening

A new report shows that almost one in five Canadians started to garden this year, and two-thirds of them were significantly influenced by COVID-19. HALIFAX, NS. (October 7, 2020) – The Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University, in partnership with Angus Reid, is releasing a study on home gardening, days before Thanksgiving weekend. The study, … Read more

Classify your home decor style

The Best Decor Styles Make You Stylish and Comfortable at Home

Determining your decor style isn’t always easy. Do you like things to be formal or casual? Are your furniture choices along the lines of farmhouse chic or do they have a modern edge? Or, maybe your taste is eclectic, resulting in a mixed more than matched interior decorating style. The easiest way to classify your … Read more

Declutter your home to Bring Positive Energy Into it

Declutter your home

Have you ever had company over and the moment they walk in they make the comment, “Your home feels so cozy” or something similar to it? Your home’s hidden energy Better yet, have you ever been to someone else’s house and felt uncomfortable or overwhelmed while being there? Whether you have or not, this phenomenon … Read more