Roofing recruitment agencies: What they are and how they can help you find new roofing talent

roofing recruitment agency

How important are roofs ? A lot, I guess. Those things above our heads keep us safe and dry. In addition you know what? There’s entire industry dedicated to roofing, and it’s booming! But how do businesses find those talented folks who can skillfully put roof over our heads? Well, they turn  to roofing recruitment agencies. These agencise … Read more

For All Roofers: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Roofing Leads from Insurance Companies

roofing leads from insurance companies

Hey there, dear roofers! You know what’s a gold mine for your beloved roofing business ? Insurance companies! Yeah, you heard me right. These guys can be your ticket to steady flow of high-quality roofing leads. But how do you get your hands  on those leads and work with insurance companies? Well, lets go through ins and … Read more