Staying Safe with Pipe Jacks on Your Roof

roof pipes

Roof jacks are components used in roof drainage and ventilation systems. They are pre-formed flanges that are placed over a vent pipe to seal the roof around the vent pipe opening and keep out water, debris, and other elements. Roof jacks come in diverse materials such as lead, rubber, or other waterproof materials. They also … Read more

Venting a skillion roof

Skillion Roof Venting

Keeping the interior of your home comfortable can be a challenge, particularly during changing weather. Venting a skillion roof is an important aspect of managing the temperature of your home and ensuring it is at a comfortable level. Skillion roofs are popular due to their simple, modern design and are often used in modern homes. … Read more

Leaking roof or condensation? What’s the difference?

Wooden beams under the ceiling

Leaking roofs are a number one nuisance.  It can be very difficult to work out where the leak is coming from and different weather conditions can produce leaks in different places. More confusingly, where there are horizontal roof boards or rafters the leak may be eight to 10 feet away from where you see a … Read more