Stone Lintels

stone lintels

Hey there, everyone! Can you recall a time when you walked past house and wondered about those fancy stones sitting above its windows and doors ? They’re called stone lintels, and you’d be surprised how much they can spruce up the place! But what’s the whole story about them? That’s where the old pal Viliam … Read more

Clerestory roof: a unique approach to Aesthetics and Energy Efficiency

clerestory roof

A clerestory roof is a type of roof that includes a row of windows (clerestory windows) along the upper part of a building´s walls. The windows are usually high up and often run the length of the building, providing natural light and ventilation to the space below. Clerestory roofs have been used for centuries and … Read more

Saving Money and Energy with Flat Roof Skylights

flat roof skylights

Flat roof skylights are a popular choice for homeowners and commercial property owners for many good reasons. They offer natural light and aesthetic appeal while saving money and energy in the long run. In this article, we will explore the individual styles of flat roof skylights, their benefits, and potential risks. Skylight glazing Skylight glazing … Read more