Safe Asbestos Removal

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Weve learned couple of things about asbestos in one of our recent articles, dears. Asbestos containing materials were once viewed as a magic bullet in building industry, mainly because of their insulation and fire-resistant qualities. However, if these asbestos materials deteriorate, or if they’re disturbed during renovations, their invisible fibers can be released into the … Read more

Essential Roof Maintenance: Your Step-by-Step Guide

essential roofing maintenance

When you want to know what the weather is like outside your beloved house, the most effective way to determine this is to simply open a window or stick your head out the door. This is best-case scenario. The worst case ? Waking up to water stains on the ceiling, indicative of a leaky roof. … Read more

Is Your Roof Amplifying Unwanted Noise? Learn About Sound Insulation


Imagine trying to enjoy a peaceful evening at home, but the constant noise from traffic, construction, or your neighbors makes it nearly impossible. Did you know that 40% of all urban inhabitants are exposed to noise levels of 55 decibels or higher during the day? This level of noise can affect not only our well-being … Read more

Is Your Roof Making Strange Popping Sounds?

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Is your roof making that annoying popping and creaking noise? There is no need to worry, you are not alone. Many of us have experienced this issue, and it´s all due to something called thermal expansion and contraction. Temperature changes can cause roofs to move and expand and can be the source of unwanted noise. … Read more