Geomembrane Roof: A Green Solution That’s Taking Over Urban Jungles

geomembrane roof

Let’s  talk about geomembrane roofs! They’re seriously changing the way we watch city life, turning those gray, boring cityscapes into lush, green retreats . So, you might be wondering, what’s geomembrane, and, too, how does it work in green roofs? Well, dear friend, grab your go-to cup of coffee and get comfy. Let’s chat about the awesome … Read more

Converting Your Flat EPDM Roof to a Green Roof

green roof from flat roof

Is your flat EPDM roof looking a little plain and in need of a makeover? You might be surprised to learn that you can transform it into a lush, eco-friendly oasis! A green roof offers numerous benefits, including improved insulation, better stormwater management, and increased biodiversity. In this article, we´ll walk you through the process … Read more

Mycocycle: Transforming Roofing Waste Management with Mycoremediation


As a roofing blog editor, I am continually intrigued by the advancements and innovations that emerge within the industry. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to collaborate on a wide range of roofing and construction projects and through these experiences, I´ve witnessed firsthand the dynamic nature of the field and the creative problem-solving … Read more

Embracing Sustainability: Green Roofs and Living Roofs Benefits, Types, and Considerations

green roofs and living roofs

Green roofs and living roofs have gained considerable attention as eco-friendly solutions for urbna environments. These innovative roofing systems are designed to incorporate vegetation and improve the overall sustainability of buildings. In this article, we´ll introduce the concepts of green roofs and living roofs, discuss their benefits, and explore the different types available. What exactly … Read more