Repairing damaged flat roof

Asphal roll sheet flat roof repair

Flat roofs can be susceptible to various types of damage caused by a range of factors. These include weather conditions, improper installation, and poor maintenance. Weather-related causes of damage include hail, wind, and extreme temperatures. Improper installation can result in poor drainage or inadequate slope. Poor maintenance can lead to cracks, holes, and water infiltration. … Read more

How to extend the life of a flat roof?

Extend the lifespan of a flat roof

Using high-quality materials is one of the best ways to extend the life of your flat roof. High-grade materials such as Polyglass coatings can increase energy savings and extend the life of the roof by up to 10 years. Thwese high-grade roofing materials are more durable and can withstand extreme temperatures and other weather conditions … Read more