The Ultimate Stump Removal Tips For Homeowners

Last Updated on: 8th October 2021, 09:09 pm

Though trees really do serve such a grand purpose whenever they are around our homes, when they get cut down especially due to old age, they often leave behind such inconvenient lumps in our yard that can really cause an eyesore. Thus, knowing some tips on stump removal would be a good idea.

Removing the tree’s roots

If there is a task that is far more challenging than having to get rid of all the other parts of the cut-down tree itself, with the huge branches included, it would be getting rid of the root part. Since this area has been considerably embedded underneath, one requires certain forceful measures to dig them out.

Though it may be an accepted reality that getting rid of this part of the tree is one very difficult task to tackle, nobody said it is impossible to dispose of. Thus, one just has to know certain ways and means that he can resort to carrying out the task himself or paying others to do it.

Dig it out

A very common way of stump removal is to dig the embedded part out. The idea is to apply as much force as possible to get through underneath and uproot it. This may be a bit of an impossible task if done alone, so getting extra hands for help would be a welcome idea.

Chemical stump removers

Some people who wish to avoid having to exert that much force when getting rid of this unsightly lump from their lawn often resort to chemicals for help. Stump remover chemicals help tree stumps decompose faster. Even though tree stumps are difficult to dig out, a stump remover can soften and rot them. One may have to be patient in using this method, as results can only be seen only after a considerable time has passed.

The lump could also be burned

For people who would want to see results as instantly as possible, then burning the lump may also be done. Others even go to such extremes as utilizing dynamite to get the desired result, but this can never be a very welcome idea if your neighbors are nearby or you are residing in the city.

If you end up being lost about what you can do to get rid of that unwanted lump that has been stuck on your lawn, you may actually get professional help from experts on stump removal. When hiring one, homeowners have to carefully look around to make sure he gets the most reasonably priced service around.  

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