Roof Repairs After A Major Storm – When Should You Call Your Insurance Company?

Last Updated on: 8th October 2021, 09:21 pm

After a major storm, the phones of roofing companies start ringing loudly – and with good reason.  High winds themselves shouldn’t damage your roof, but falling tree branches, TV aerials, or chimneys will.

Take immediate action if your roof has been damaged

If your roof is damaged, act quickly. Turning a blind eye to a roofing repair problem can lead to a problem that gets rapidly worse and end up costing more in the long run: a stitch in time saves nine, after all.

If the damage is substantial then you need emergency roof repairs not only to protect your own house but also to secure the roof to make sure no falling debris can cause a hazard to anyone below.

The roofing company you call should make the roof safe and provide at least temporary weatherproofing immediately. Most importantly, they should also give you a detailed report explaining the cause and extent of the original damage to the roof.  This will give you advice on what actions you should take to repair the damage.

You’re covered for emergency repairs in case of major storms

If the damage to the roof is caused by a major storm then it should be covered by your house insurance, in which case the cost of the emergency call out and roof repair should also be covered.

Beware, though.  If the damage comes about because the roof has not been maintained properly, then it will probably not be covered by insurance.


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