Classify your home decor style

Last Updated on: 22nd March 2023, 06:18 am

Determining your decor style isn’t always easy. Do you like things to be formal or casual? Are your furniture choices along the lines of farmhouse chic or do they have a modern edge? Or, maybe your taste is eclectic, resulting in a mixed more than matched interior decorating style.

The easiest way to classify your decor style is to look at lots of pieces and collect images to see what trends emerge from among the things that you like. As we always say, the best thing about decorating is that it’s personal and only has to appeal to you and your family.

We’ve collected some examples of different decor styles that you can browse. Are there some that appeal more to you than others?  You might find your perfect style here!

Contemporary with a Shiny Edge

Just because you like a little metallic shine in your life doesn’t mean you have to go full-on glam in your home. It’s possible to have a style that trends toward contemporary and still incorporates some gleaming metallics. This room is a great example because the chair features clean lines and an understated look, but the side table, lamp, and wall decor are totally glamorous additions. Add some glam elements to your room and see if that’s what you’re going for.

Boldly Colored Walls

There’s no quicker way to make a statement and change the look of a room than by painting the walls a bold color. Not limited to eclectic or modern styles, bold wall coloring can go with quite literally any decor style: It’s the rest of the pieces in the room that will determine the look. Here, the eclectic bedroom pieces create a casual look paired with the red walls, but the decor could go in any direction — even quite traditional and formal. 

Easy and Natural

Neutral colors with a touch of earthiness create a room that is serene but not austere. This bed with a built-in headboard and shelf cubes is, at its most basic, a modern design, but the overall look is still quite soft, thanks to the small decor elements. Casual bedding, books, and a branch arrangement take any edge off of the linear design.

Chic, Contemporary and Casual

This dining space has it all: A versatile neutral look, plenty of functional space, and a decor style that is casual but chic enough for any dinner party. A clean design distinguishes the main furnishings while a touch of modern and artful comes from the unique suspension light above the dining table. This is another space whose style will be determined by the accessories in the room.

Modern and Edgy

If this bathroom vanity appeals to you, then you’re likely to be someone who always wants the latest, greatest — and most different. While a rectangular basin is not new, a glass style like this one is very edgy and avant-garde. The minimalist architectural edges of the basin go with the faucet, sleek vanity and backlit mirror. It’s a lesson on how a little can go a long way in making an impression.

Laid Back and Comfortable

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A sofa with loose back cushions one of the most casual styles, especially when it’s in the form of a sprawling sectional. Long seat cushions give the sofa continuity instead of a jumbles look, but the pillow style back section gives it a very laid-back feel. This type of sofa is great for a family room or a living room that is meant for everyday use.

Low Slung Modern Silhouettes

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Modern furnishings are generally characterized by clean lines like these, which show that modern doesn’t equal uncomfortable. The upholstered chair has a low profile but sports a super-deep upholstered seat while the lounge chair has a comfy, easy-care leather cushion. The glass table and lamp add just the right edge to the textile-covred pieces.

Design Forward Basics

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Every home needs some shelving and this is where you can let your personality shine. The range of shelving available these days goes way beyond the basic, featuring all sorts of design elements, from decorative supports and underlighting to unexpected colors and unusual configurations. Instead of automatically thinking of an all-wood run-of-the-mill option, expand your search for something more distinctive like these units, which feature some very cool three-armed supports between the shelves.

Mirrored Illusions

Mirror styles have allowed homeowners to use them not just for functional reasons, but also for decorative ones. Besides the fanciful designs meant to be used as accents, mirrors can be used to make space feel larger or reflect more light throughout a room. You can do this in any style of decor, depending on the mirrors you choose. A large pair with minimal framing is ideal in any space where you want the effects of the mirror but perhaps don’t want to draw a great deal of attention to the mirrors themselves.

Refined Contemporary

It’s also possible to create a living space that has a casual vibe but is still chic. The furniture in these rooms is not formal, but the design and the materials used make the pieces feel refined and relaxed, but never too laid back. Smooth leather and the fresh silhouette of this sofa and chair convey an air of quiet luxury, where comfort and refinement are a priority.

Boldly Modern

Devotees of modern style will gravitate toward pieces that are bold in color or design. This dining space is a monochrome yellow, from the tiles on the wall to the chairs and table. Consequently, the modern suspension lights really stand out, with their distinctive black elements. This is another way to make the most of a minimalist design but in a very bold fashion.

Eclectic Choices

Today’s decor arrangements throw many of the old rules out the window, such as the one that you need to have two matching nightstands on either side of the bed. Especially for smaller spaces, many people are opting for more streamlined bedside tables instead of bulky nightstands. Even more striking is that they do not have to be the same size, style, color, or height. This touch of eclectic style can be added to any bedroom of any decor style.

If anything, these examples show how decor styles are morphing and how you can mix and match different elements to achieve the look that’s right for your home and fits with your personal tastes. Today’s spaces are less rigid and people don’t necessarily want all their furnishings to be a single, distinctive style. Have fun experimenting and creating the room of your dreams — in your own decor style.

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