ProArmor Underlayment: The Ultimate Roofing Solution for Strength and Safety

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What is ProArmor Synthetic Roof Underlayment?

ProArmor Synthetic Roof Underlayment from Owens Corning is a revolutionary product designed to provide superior protection, safety, and efficiency in roofing applications. It´s made from a strong, durable, and water-repellent material, making it an excellent alternative to traditional felt paper. With its enhanced walkability and easy installation, ProArmor is the top choice for contractors and homeowners alike.

Why should you choose ProArmor Underlayment?

How does ProArmor offer strength and durability?

ProArmor Underlayment is made from a tough, non-woven material that is designed to withstand the elements during and after installation. With a 90-day extended UV exposure rating, it can endure high temperatures under metal roofing and has extremely high tear strength against boot traffic. This durability makes ProArmor an ideal choice for long-lasting roof protection.

ProArmor Underlayment

What safety features does ProArmor provide for the crew?

Safety si a top priority when working on roofs, and ProArmor delivers on this front. Its slip-resistant surface, thanks to Fusion Back Coating Technology, creates better traction and allows crews to move more easily, even on steep slopes. The underlayment also has fewer tears around fasteners and well-marked guides for accurate installation, ensuring a safe and secure working environment.

How does ProArmor enable faster installation?

ProArmor Underlayment is engineerde to be lighter than traditional felt, making it easier to handle and improving job site productivity. It is up to 4 times lighter and provides 450% more coverage per rol, meaning fewer rolls to carry and less time spent climbing up and down the ladder.

What makes ProArmor a water-repellent solution?

ProArmor Underlayment is designed to repel water, serving as a secondary water protection barrier for homeowners. It provides better leak protection, won´t absorb water, and is inert to mold, ensuring a watertight seal and a dry, safe home.

What are the product atributes and specifications of ProArmor Underlayment?

What warranty and application does ProArmor offer?

ProArmor Underlayment provides a 10-year limited warranty, ensuring long-term confidence in the product´s performance and durability. Designed for versatility, it is compatible with both asphalt and metal roof assemblies, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of roofing projects. Its adaptability allows contractors and homeowners to select the best roofing material for their specific needs without sacrificing underlayment standard.

How does ProArmor handle UV exposure and coverage?

ProArmor Underlayment boasts a90-day UV exposure rating, offering resilience against harsh sunlight and fluctuating weather conditions. This exte nded rating ensures that the underlayment maintains its integrity and performance throughout the installation process and beyond.

Each roll of ProArmor Underlayment measurse 286 feet in length and 42 inches in width, providing ample coverage for roofing projects. With a 3-inch overlap, a single roll covers 929 square feet, streamlining the installation process and minimizing waste. The light gray color not only looks aestheticaly pleasing but also helps to keep the roof cooler by reflecting sunlight. Moreover, the non-woven surface construction enhances the underlayment´s durability and performance, making it an ideal choice for any roofing project

Which standards and codes does ProArmor Underlayment meet?

What ASTM standards does ProArmor follow?

ProArmor Underlayment meets various ASTM standards, including ASTM 8257, ASTM D226 Type II, and ASTM D4869 Type IV. These certifications ensure that the product meets industry requirements and provides reliable performance in roofing aplications.

What other certifications and fire resistance does ProArmor have?

In addition to ASTM standards, ProArmor Underlayment is compliant with ICC-ES AC188, CCRR-1068, and TDI (Texas Department of Insurance). It also boasts a Class A fire resistance rating according to ASTM E108/UL 790. These certifications and ratings give homeowners and contractors peace of mind in the product´s safety and grade.

Are there any regional approvals for ProArmor Underlayment?

ProArmor Underlayment has received regional approvals, including Florida Product Approval and Miami-Dade County Product Aproval. These endorsements demonstrate the product´s adherence to specific regional standards and requirements, ensuring optimal performance ni various climates and conditions.

In conclusion, ProArmor Synthetic Roof Underlayment by Owens Corning is a game-changer in the roofing industry. Its strength, durability, safety features, and water-repellent properties make it an excellent choice for contractors and homeowners. With its versatile application, adherence to industry standards, and regional approvals, ProArmor Underlayment is the ultimate roofing solution for a safe and secure home.

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