How to ensure your roof is ready for winter

Last Updated on: 8th October 2021, 09:32 pm

Its getting colder, the days are getting shorter….yes winter is well on its way.  Its all very well wrapping yourself up and putting the heating on, but have you thought about whether your roof is ready for winter?

Is your roof ready for winter?

Ensuring your roof can survive a harsh winter is critical if you don’t want to be spending Christmas in a hotel whilst workmen remove a small ice rink from your bedroom.  

Before winter, check your roof for these things

Buckling. This is quite common in tiles and slates. There will be much more pressure put on the roof structure if it begins to snow. That buckling could potentially cause the slates to come loose which will cause a problem.

Don’t forget to check the sides of the roof too. This area is at risk from high wind and driving rain.  It’s basically a matter of battening down the hatches here.

If there are no signs of deterioration then your roof is ready for winter.

A lot of roof problems can be seen with the naked eye. Check exterior walls for leaks, stains and cracks. This is an indication that seals need to be maintained.

Keeping these areas sealed means warm air stays in and that cold air keeps where it belongs. Another element to this is that if water gets into the cracks and freezes, then it can expand and widen the damage. This can have an accumulative effect, wearing away on your slates and brick.

Also, make sure that there are no areas where water can pool up. If there is heavy snowfall, this can present a problem when the snow begins to melt.

It only takes minutes to making sure your roof is ready for winter, and could save you a lot of money long term.  Don’t run the risk and not check, simply because it’s cold outside.

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