DEWALT DW713 Review

Last Updated on: 24th November 2020, 11:42 am

DEWALT DW713 – an excellent single-bevel 10-Inch compound miter saw

The DEWALT DW713 is an excellent Single-Bevel Compound 10-inch Miter Saw that delivers accurate cuts quickly and is ideal for cutting crown moldings, baseboards and a range of other things. This saw is the ideal tool for miter-cutting and crosscutting applications as it is equipped with a powerful motor and also has miter handle with a cam-lock which can be easily adjusted, convenient bevel and miter stops, decorative moldings which are oversized and it has a tall fence. Apart from all this you also get a dust bag which is convenient, a carbide blade which is durable and a wrench for the blade.

This miter saw features powerful Motor and Smart Design that Delivers Accurate Cuts Quickly

The saw has a dependable and powerful motor of 15 amps which powers the 10 inch blade and gives 5000 rpm speed at no load. This makes it a powerful and fast tool for works like cutting, molding or framing and also for miter-cutting and crosscutting work.

The saw is quite sturdy and has a design which will deliver precise cuts. The setups are also very versatile which are needed for all miter apps. You have a precise system consisting of adjustable detent miter plate in stainless steel with 11 stops, providing an easy setup which improves efficiency. For accurately getting miter angles there is an easily adjustable miter handle with cam-lock. This is featured with a detent override which is very convenient in adjusting the setting of the miter without any slippage of the saw into the detents of the miter. The versatility of the saw is enhanced by the large capacity of the miter which ranges from 0 degrees to 50 on both right and left.

Additionally the fence is quite tall and supports a vertically nested crown molding of 4.5 inches. The fence also has a vertically set base molding of 6 inches. This fence also slides conveniently, so that it is not in the way while making bevel cuts.

Convenient Stops and More Bevel Capacity (0 – 45 degrees)

Getting bevel cuts which are accurate and quick is possible because of the design of this saw. The set up is easy and you can get bevel cuts on the left measuring between 0 degrees to 48 and on the right measuring 0 to 3 degrees. Such a setup is quite handy and increases the capacity needed for big jobs. Also the positive stops of the bevel between 0 degrees and 45 make it easy to set the usual bevel angles, thus making the process easy and quick.

The saw is ideal for many applications and can deliver clean bevel cuts of 45 degrees through lumber having dimensions of maximum 2 x 6 inches.

Increased Portability and DEWALT LED System and Laser Compatible

The saw is quite portable on the job site as it weighs only 35 pounds and has a carry handle which is in-built for easy lifting.

For more accuracy and utility, the saw can be hooked up with the LED DEWALT DWS7085 which is a cut line indicator and work light, and also with the adjustable miter DW7187 laser system. Both these accessories are sold separately and can ensure accuracy and clear visible cutting path.

This saw comes with a comprehensive warranty package which includes a limited warranty of three years, a free contract of service for one year and money-back guarantee within 90 days of purchase.

Inside the Box

It comes with a dust bag, blade wrench and a single carbide blade.

From the reviews:

I purchased this saw in January and continuously used it for a huge moulding project. Previously I had borrowed and worked with the Craftsman miter compound saw which was considered professional but using it I learnt otherwise. This made me think that whenever I bought a saw I would look for a saw which had a better quality rather than a saw with a host of features and mediocre components. I was impressed with the DW713 which has a guard for the blade and a tall fence along with a bag that is really able to capture the dust. The gauge/table of the miter is of high quality and thankfully without stickers, and the powerful motor of 15 amps is encased in a sturdy and stout frame. A miter lock is far superior to the type which has a screw and the override of detent is extremely handy when doing angles which are not the usual angles but just close.

My DW713 is used every day by me and is an excellent miter saw. Although the reviews suggest a flimsy bevel scale, I feel that is how it should be as it is easier for zeroing the pointer after the saw alignment. All the components work beautifully and getting it for only 220 is just great. All carpets in my house needed changing and the engineered floor needed a lot of cutting. The job was precisely and cleanly performed by this great miter saw.