DIY EPDM flat roof installation

Flat roof installation steps STEP 1 Before the flat roof installation, sweep the roof clear of all loose chippings and debris check the substrate for any water damaged timberwork and replaced if required. STEP 2 Underlay is fitted to the flat area of the roof only (not fully bonded system) STEP 3 If the roof … Read more

Roof cost estimates Vs. the reality

roof cladding

The cost of the roof construction The offer for the construction of the roof usually also includes the item budget of the construction. To what extent can it be relied on?  In the offer phase, the project is  made as universal as possible and only concerns standard conditions. It must be also interesting from a marketing point of view – lower price often wins the … Read more

Chimney caps

chimney caps

Why to use the chimney caps Chimney caps, even though not absolutely necessary, are very much a recommended part of your chimney. They offer a couple of features you might really appreciate: chimney caps protect your chimney and fireplace or stove from water, without a chimney cap, if you use a straight chimney liner, you … Read more

Comparing wooden, plastic, and aluminum windows (plus the U value)

wooden aluminum plastic windows

Wooden, Plastic, Or Aluminum Windows? The majority of window frames is produced from the wooden glued lamels. The wood has great insulation properties and is able to last strong temperature changes better than the majority of other materials. The durability of a quality wooden window might be as much as 80-100 years. The plastic windows … Read more

The Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum roofing

The aluminum roof Let´s say you have already decided to roof your house with metal roofing. Good choice but you´re still just somewhere at the beginning of your journey. There are some questions you have to ask yourself: what durability do you require from your metal roofing material? is your desired roofing material in harmony … Read more

Polycarbonate Skylights And Acrylic Skylights

polycarbonate skylights

Why plastic skylights? Plastic materials are very advantageous these days. First, they can be produced from recycled plastic materials. Second, they can be recycled in the future to manufacture another plastic product. Third, based on the above facts, plastic is a cheap material. Fourth, plastic is durable and lasts a long time. Do the plastic … Read more

Polycarbonate roofing, mechanical features, optical properties, and fire resistance

Polycarbonate sheet roofing

Polycarbonate Roofing Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic material with excellent mechanical, thermal, and optical features. Polycarbonate roofing usually is delivered as polycarbonate sheets or polycarbonate panels. Polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate panels Both polycarbonate sheets and polycarbonate panels are made of the same material but have different sizes. Both polycarbonate sheets and polycarbonate panels are lightweight roofing products … Read more

Cold roof insulation with rigid PUR foam (by IsoSpray)

Rigid spray foam insulation

UK rigid foam insulation specialist IsoSpray roofing and insulation contractors use polyurethane spray foam for insulating cold roofs. After the system is installed a warm roof will have been created that helps prevent condensation. The spray foam also has the benefit that it will bond all slates and tiles on a pitched roof where nail … Read more

Clay tiles vs. metal roofing vs. asphalt shingles. Comparison of the most popular roofing materials.

Roofing tiles vs. metal roofing vs. asphalt shingles

Maintaining the construction of your home correctly is vital. Any problems with the basic structure of your home can have a serious impact on your quality of life by making your house a less comfortable place in which to live. Structural problems can also have a significant effect on the value of your house, so … Read more