Composition (or composite) roofing. Benefits and comparison with other roofing materials.

Composite roofing

A popular choice for commercial and residential roofing, composition shingles, is designed with a fiberglass reinforcing mat that’s coated with asphalt and then embedded with ceramic granules. Composition roofing is one of the most affordable roofing options available, and each shingle is easy to replace, making repair and maintenance a breeze. Compare that to the … Read more

Can you install metal roof over asphalt? Can you walk on metal roof? Metal roofing FAQs.

galvalume roofing

Many homes, especially those in wet climates, are starting to sport metal roofs these days. Why? Because metal roofing is durable and long-lasting, and it is an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a resilient roof that will not sag or leak. Plus, metal roofs come in a variety of styles that fit almost any architectural … Read more

Cracks in the Walls of Your Home

Cracks in the wall

Notice a crack in the wall of your home? While it may have been caused by the blunt force of an object, such as a chair being accidentally pushed into the wall too hard, it could also be an indication of an even bigger problem. Here are some common causes: Leaking Water The vast majority … Read more

Asphalt Driveway Maintenance

driveway maintenance

The driveway is your property, too While many homeowners fuss over maintaining the roof, windows, and the drainage around the sides of the house, keeping the driveway in good working order isn’t always a priority. And why should it be? Most driveways are asphalt, which is pretty indestructible, or so most of us may think. … Read more

Downspout Maintenance


Basics of downspout maintenance Downspouts are the vertical lengths of piping attached to the sides of a home. They connect to the gutters that run vertically along the roof so that runoff water can be carried off the roof and safely away from the home, preventing damage to the structure and surrounding foundation. Downspouts are … Read more

Suggestions to Think About When Choosing Dining Room Furniture

Dinig Room Furniture

Buying dining room furniture? There are numerous things to be looked at when buying dining room furniture which can satisfy your way of life in addition to taste. As soon as you read and learn about some interior planning principles, it will be less difficult to achieve a beautiful dining room. So, when selecting furniture … Read more

Flat roof to pitched roof conversion

Converting a flat asphalt roof to a pitched one

Turning a flat asphalt roof into a pitched roof This video is all about turning a flat asphalt roof into a pitched roof later on. You see the stages of removing the asphalt roof, building the new roof structure, felting and battening, tiling with concrete tiles, cutting into the wall and sealing the edge with … Read more

Air conditioners and their potential health benefits

window unit air condition

To feel comfortable at your home during summers, you need to cool it at an adaptable temperature. Air conditioners cool and dehumidify the indoor air to achieve that thermal comfort. In fact, the term ‘air conditioning’ may refer to all kinds of heating, cooling, disinfection and ventilation, which modify the conditions of air. An air … Read more

DEWALT DW713 Review

Dewalt DW713 compound miter saw

DEWALT DW713 – an excellent single-bevel 10-Inch compound miter saw The DEWALT DW713 is an excellent Single-Bevel Compound 10-inch Miter Saw that delivers accurate cuts quickly and is ideal for cutting crown moldings, baseboards and a range of other things. This saw is the ideal tool for miter-cutting and crosscutting applications as it is equipped … Read more

DIY EPDM flat roof installation

Flat roof installation steps STEP 1 Before the flat roof installation, sweep the roof clear of all loose chippings and debris check the substrate for any water damaged timberwork and replaced if required. STEP 2 Underlay is fitted to the flat area of the roof only (not fully bonded system) STEP 3 If the roof … Read more