Scalloped Roof Shingles: A Wave of Beauty for Your Roof

scalloped shingles

Imagine giving your home the royal treatment, kinda like Victorian house with a charmingly crafted roof. You feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale. That’s what scalloped shingles can do for you. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But scallopde roofing shingles really are this perfect solution to give your dear roof that vintage, elegant … Read more

What are architectural shingles and ar they better than 3-tab shingles?

architectural laminate design shingles

Hello there, dears. So, you have been contemplating about the most suitable shingle type for your roof? Now, that’s quite conundrum, isn’t it? Especially since there are gazillion options out there, and each one seems to have its pros and cons. Today, we’ll talk more about archtiectural asphalt shingles. No, they aren’t just your regular, … Read more

What If your New Shingles Don’t Match?

mix and match shingles

Ladies and gentlemen, shingles ain’t socks. You can’t just expect them to be identical twins. The sun has its way with the coloring of shingles. Also, so do rain and storms. Your original shingles might have faced the mighty forces of nature, and the brand new ones are just rookies. Besides, manufacturers might’ve chagned dye … Read more

How to identify discontinued shingles

discontinued shingles

Discontinued shingles are like our vintage sneakers – once loved but not produced anymore. They might have changed in size, color, or maybe they’ve just stopped rolling off the prodcution line. Now, you might be wondering, “why would they do that to my beloved shingles?” Well, companies evolve, plus sometimes they need to make room for … Read more

The Dutch Gable Roof: A Classic Blend of Function and Aesthetic

dutch gable roof

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the wonderful world of roofs! After all, who doesn’t love having reliable roof over their head? Today, however, we won’t be talking about just any roof; we’ll be exploring the stylish and practcial contemporary Dutch gable roof. Imagine yourself in a cozy room nestled beneath a Dutch gabl roof, as … Read more

Aliphatic Urethane vs. Acrylic Polyurethane: Another Roof Coating Showdown

aliphatic vs acrylic urethane coatings

Dears, let me paint a scenario for you: You’re relaxing with a glass of iced tea on a leisurely Sunday when you suddenly recall that your roof needs attention. You realiez that you must coat your roof! And that’s where we come in, my friends, ready to provide assistance. Our focus is on navigating the … Read more

Beak-Proof Your Roof: A Friendly Guide to Installing Bird Spikes on Asphalt Shingles

glued bird spikes detail

Hey there, dear everyone! It’s time to dive into world of feathered friends and roofing once again. You know, the other day I was looking up at my own asphalt shingle roof, admiring how clean it was since we learned how to tackle bird droppings. And then it hit me, like a bird aiming for … Read more

Tread Lightly: Your Comprehensive Guide to Climbing a Tiled Roof

tiled roof

Welcome dears! Everyone knows the feeling when a plate slips from your hand and smahses on the floor, right? All the pieces spread out, leaving big mess behind. It’s funny to think, but the tiles on our roofs are made from a very similar material. Now, think about stepping on those tiles high up on … Read more

Snap Lock Metal Roofing: A Comprehensive Comparison with Other Standing Seam Profiles

snap lock standing seam system metal panels

Ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to metal roofing, one of the most trendy options is standing seam. Within the standing seam family, there are several various profiles to choose from, including snap lock, mechanical lock, nail strip, fastener flange. And, so on. Why so many, you might wonder ? Well, because no two roofs … Read more

Essential Roof Maintenance: Your Step-by-Step Guide

essential roofing maintenance

When you want to know what the weather is like outside your beloved house, the most effective way to determine this is to simply open a window or stick your head out the door. This is best-case scenario. The worst case ? Waking up to water stains on the ceiling, indicative of a leaky roof. … Read more