Canopies, Awnings, Pergolas. Increase Your Home’s Value With Exterior Shades

Last Updated on: 8th October 2021, 09:35 pm

A number of options are available to those who are thinking of increasing the value of a house: think renovation, improvement, or structural addition. The renovation process can entail something as simple as repainting a wall to ripping out old kitchen cabinets and installing new ones. Improvements encompass anything from altering the layout of a bathroom to knocking down walls to increase space. The last option, addition, entails putting new structures into or onto the house.

Adding structure, however, can also be very expensive. Imagine adding additional interior space to the first floor of the back of the house. This would involve breaking down existing walls, and putting up new ones. If something goes wrong, the construction bill will most likely be revised upward and never downward. Therefore, homeowners should consider a simpler and less costly way of adding structure as home investments.

Outdoor shades

The structures we will focus on here are the outdoor shades. These range from cheap to moderately costly, but taken together they all add value to a home because of the long-term value provided. The value comes in two forms. One, the current homeowner will have to put in the effort or money to design a shade that will integrate with the house nicely. Two, the structure provides both convenience and health benefits in terms of increasing living space and protecting those who spend time outdoors around the house.

Here are a number of examples that are commonly used for adding exterior to the home:


Canopies are tent-like structures. There are two parts to the tent-like configuration of a canopy: a metallic scaffolding and a piece of canopy material that is stretched over it. The shading fabric almost always is affixed over the roofing to shield against direct sunlight but the side-walls may be omitted. Side-walls hamper air circulation, but such problems can be remedied by ensuring presence of window flaps and opposing entrances to the canopy.


The majority of people have seen an awning at some time positioned over the storefront or display glass of an establishment and bringing in precious patrons who were likely sheltering themselves. In contrast to store front awnings, the units for home are made for pleasure and comfort of homeowners. The most recent type is the retractable unit. There are a number of retractables. One is operated by a manual crank. Another is engaged with a swinging set-up which is pushed in or pulled out. Finally the motorized kinds automatically open at a flick of a switch.


Pergolas are a special sort of outside shade because they do not provide complete shading. They permit a bit of light. The design is fairly straightforward on paper but needs a fair amount hard work to set up. A number of posts are put into the floor which support a number of top slats. These overhead slats block out a bit but not all light. Miniature variants of pergolas are also available. They are sometimes termed arbors, and are less complicated to put together but cannot shade many people. Instead, they are guide posts for foot paths.

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