Roof Calculators

3-Tab Asphalt Shingle Cost Calculator

You have to enter two inputs into the calculator: the area of your roof in square feet, and the type of shingles you wish to use. You can choose from a dropdown list of 3-tab shingle types, each with a price per bundle.
The prices provided are for informational purposes only and may vary by location.
In order to determine the number of bundles required for the roof area, the following formula is used:
bundles=roof area/33
(assuming each bundle covers 33 square feet).

The following shingles can be estimated using the calculator:

GAF Royal Sovereign ($70-$80 per square)
CertainTeed XT ($70-$80 per square)
Owens Corning Supreme ($65-$75 per square)
Tamko Elite Glass-Seal ($60-$70 per square)
IKO Marathon ($50-$60 per square)
Atlas Castlebrook ($65-$75 per square)
Malarkey Alaskan ($70-$80 per square)
PABCO Premier ($75-$85 per square)
BP Mystique ($70-$80 per square)
TAMKO Heritage Vintage ($80-$90 per bundle)